How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Symptoms of Indoor Air Pollution

The information we are providing in this article is based on current technical and scientific understanding of the topics discussed. Following the advice that is provided will not necessarily always provide total protection in every situation or against every health hazard that indoor air pollution causes.

When it comes to improving indoor air quality, there are three major strategies available:

  • Air cleaners
  • Improved ventilation
  • Source control

Source Control

The most effective method for improving indoor air quality usually is to get rid of individual pollution sources or reduce the …

Massage Therapy Benefits For Mental And Physical Health

Woman receiving head massage from masseur in spa

Message therapy sessions benefit both your mental health and physical health.

Your overall physical health can be improved by massage therapy by lowering stress, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing heart rate, and increasing immune system function, just to name a few of its benefits. Massage therapy also can be very beneficial to your emotional health. The following are a few of the important ways that massage therapy supports your physical and emotional health.

The Body

  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Enhances the nourishment and

The Pros Of Reflexology

If you often indulge yourself in self-relaxing activities, chances are you have already stumbled upon reflexology. It may sound a little technical but this ancient form of alternative treatment is actually similar to a foot massage. It has a major difference, though. Were foot massage is simply applying pressure to one’s feet for the purpose of relieving tension and relaxing the muscles, there is a science involved in reflexology.

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Reflexology has been …

Understanding Reflexology

Reflexology is a practice that is mainly anchored in the belief that it helps relieve stress. By now, the majority of people know about the risks associated with too much stress especially when the person is unable to cope with it already. When that happens, a person may feel overwhelmed and some may succumb to illness if no intervention is given.

Not all the time, a medical management is the only way to manage any imbalance in the human body. At times, alternative treatment like reflexology can do the body …

What To Expect From Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient practice that is still a favorite up to this day. For 4,000 years, it has provided comfort and pain relief for many people who have been suffering from different pains and aches especially in the absence of modern medicine before. But now, there are still ailments that medicine can’t always cure and people turn to alternative practices like reflexology because it has worked for years and there is no harm trying something that many people swear by, right?

If you are new to reflexology, though, you …

Taking Charge Of Your Health Through Reflexology

In today’s modern world, it is easy to get overwhelmed by a lot of things especially when it has to deal with technology. Distance is no longer that big of an issue when people can communicate in real-time through the use of gadgets that are perhaps smarter than most people are. Problems arise when people end up neglecting their health in search of temporary happiness.

Humans often take for granted their body until it shows signs of wear and tear from the constant abuse it has to endure every day. …

What You Need To Know About Reflexology

Many people are into alternative medicine these days because the majority realized that modern medicine doesn’t always have the answer to many of the maladies afflicting humans until today.

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There are ailments that can be cured with ease but there are some that remain without a cure and some can be partially treated but the side effects are just as awful as the disease symptoms itself. You can’t blame other people for exploring their options and giving alternative medicine a try especially that …

Reflexology For Beginners

With the diverse list of medical management practices and treatments observed nowadays, one can get lost on the nature and benefits of these practices especially if they are alternative treatments that aren’t always recognized by Western medicine. Reflexology is not one of those because even if it is already an age-old practice, it is still growing in popularity in the west and a lot of chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists offer reflexology treatments for those people who have a need for it and are willing to give it a …

What’s With Reflexology?

Reflexology is a popular practice in helping the body deal with stress. It is common knowledge that the body easily succumbs to illness because of too much stress.  Similar to an over-worked HVAC system, when under stress, the body has a hard time doing bodily functions, healing itself, and maintain balance. You may start feeling discomforts when you are constantly under stress and it has been proven by science now that stress is a major risk factor for many of today’s diseases.

Reflexology to the Rescue

Reflexology is …

Reflexology And Its Health Benefits

What used to be an ancient Chinese alternative practice is now gaining traction in Western medicine as an alternative treatment for different ailments. Reflexology is a type of treatment that focuses on the feet but the hands and the ears can also be the focus of treatment depending on the need for it. Many people are liking the holistic approach to wellness offered by reflexology especially that it has proven to be effective in relieving various pains and aches and stress.

In this practice, it is believed that specific points …

Is Reflexology For You?

Science may have advanced over the years but there are still many conditions that remain unbeatable and continue to ruin people’s health and lives. Even the strongest medicine isn’t enough to beat certain strains of bacteria that have evolved and become resistant to most antibiotics available in today’s market. Your money can’t save you in life-and-death situations. However, you can put your money to good use by exploring other alternative health treatments that have offered relief to many even if others argue that it has no scientific basis.

One of …

How Reflexology Heals You

reflexologyOne should not underestimate the human body. It is so resilient that it takes care of itself mostly on its own from your youth to old age. Rarely would it need outside help only when the body’s immunity is so low that it can no longer fight germs and heal itself. Even when you take medicines, they may not always work. There are drug side effects that are as bad or even worse than the symptoms itself. When that happens, people turn to alternative medicine for help.

Reflexology is one …

What is Reflexology

Reflexology is the study of reflexes.

Reflexology therapies are natural therapeutic methodsderived from this study based on the principle that there are reflexes in the body that map to other parts, glands, and organs of the body. Through the application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology therapy can:

  • Relieve tension
  • Improve circulation
  • Support the body’s efforts to function optimally

Reflexology helps to manage many common ailments such as:

  • musculoskeletal pain;
  • insomnia
  • anxiety;
  • stress; and
  • hormonal and digestive issues to name a few.

Unlike other therapies which manipulate