What You Need To Know About Reflexology

Many people are into alternative medicine these days because the majority realized that modern medicine doesn’t always have the answer to many of the maladies afflicting humans until today.

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There are ailments that can be cured with ease but there are some that remain without a cure and some can be partially treated but the side effects are just as awful as the disease symptoms itself. You can’t blame other people for exploring their options and giving alternative medicine a try especially that they have been practiced for centuries and many people swear by it.

One of them is reflexology. A 4,000-year old practice that is known for the many health benefits it offers. This is essentially the massaging of specific points on the feet that triggers beneficial properties to other parts of the body like the major organs and systems. This is anchored on the belief that there are “pressure” or “reflex points” on the feet that corresponds to various body structures and organs. For instance, your big toe is linked to the left hemisphere to the brain. And as such, has a big impact on one’s health, so one should always consult with their primary health care provider if this practice won’t affect you negatively.

It is the belief in reflexology that gentle manipulations of the feet can improve health problems affecting different parts of the human body. And since it is only considered as a complementary treatment, do not expect the practitioner to diagnose or treat a health condition because they are not doctors. Massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists provide reflexology sessions because they have an extensive knowledge of the feet anatomy. Nevertheless, they should not encourage people to stop their medical regimen in preference of reflexology because it can be catastrophic to one’s health.

When choosing a reflexologist, one must look for the proper certifications as proof that they are certified in the practice of reflexology. One session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and the person stays fully clothed the entire time since it is the feet that are being gently massaged. Expect to be asked about your health history prior to your session and any current health problem you have so they know which part of the feet to focus on. You are often asked to sit reclined on a couch as your feet are examined before starting.

During the reflexology session, your feet are gently massaged. Using specific techniques, the practitioner works his/her way around your reflex points to address any health condition you are suffering from. No need to worry about feeling tickly during the session because these practitioners are skilled at handling one’s feet that eliminate such tingly feeling while massaging. One will soon feel relaxed as the session goes on because the purpose of this practice is not to hurt you but calm you.

Reflexology is a great way to relieve pain and other types of body aches and it is also a great way to release tension without having to take any medicines at all. It also helps in the release of endorphins, making reflexology a calming experience that can make you feel good in an instant. Moreover, it enhances blood flow in the body so toxins are easily eliminated and do not build up in the body for a long time.

Reflexology isn’t that complex because there is a foot map that reflexologists follow when massaging one’s feet but you need proper training in order to do it right. Give it a try if you suffer from conditions that aren’t always relieved by modern science. Reflexology is an old practice and many have benefited from it over the years and you could be next if you just have an open mind to it.