Taking Charge Of Your Health Through Reflexology

In today’s modern world, it is easy to get overwhelmed by a lot of things especially when it has to deal with technology. Distance is no longer that big of an issue when people can communicate in real-time through the use of gadgets that are perhaps smarter than most people are. Problems arise when people end up neglecting their health in search of temporary happiness.

Humans often take for granted their body until it shows signs of wear and tear from the constant abuse it has to endure every day. You may experience an acute pain over here and there but not all the time your malady can be cured by medicine alone. At times, it may persist and bother you for an indefinite period of time.

Reflexology May Offer Relief

Some have already heard of reflexology but many are still clueless as to what is really about. Just what is reflexology?

Reflexology is known as the study of reflexes but it is actually a practical application of the right pressure to certain points on the ears, hands, and feet but most people tend to associate it with the feet. For reflexologists, applying pressure on these reflex pressure points have an effect on major organs and systems of the body. Applying the proper pressure on them can boost one’s health.

For instance, the bladder is targeted when pressure is applied at a certain part of the feet’s arch. Bladder functions improve when a reflexologist applies the right pressure to this area.

A foot map guides the reflexologist in the practice of reflexology. It shows a picture of the feet with a description as to which part of the body is affected when a person applies pressure to a certain part of the feet, for example. One can manipulate the organs on the left side of the body through the left foot and the same thing applies to the right foot.

A lot of people mistake reflexology with other alternative medicine practices like acupuncture, massage, and Reiki but there are differences. In the end, they are all helpful in relieving stress and millions are now turning to reflexology as a complementary treatment to conditions like asthma, anxiety, diabetes, heart disease, sinusitis, bladder disease, or even PMS.

Benefits of Reflexology

  • Improve blood flow
  • Relieve tension
  • Promote normal body functions
  • Alleviate pain
  • Relieve nausea
  • Reduce anxiety and depression

Reflexology enables the human body to restore its natural balance and the calming and relaxing feeling one feels after a reflexology session is priceless. Reflexology, as a process, does not heal you directly but allows to body to heal itself in virtually all aspects not just physical.

By stimulating nerve functions, reflexology has a positive impact on the central nervous system, sleep disorders, bladder function, and energy levels. Remember to give your feet a break and pamper it now and then. It carries the bulk of your weight day in and day out and as such put a lot of strain on your feet that in turn can negatively impact other parts of your body.

While some people may frown on the practice of reflexology and it has been highly criticized over the years and until today even researchers still don’t understand everything about the way reflexology works scientifically, many can attest to the value of reflexology when it comes to promoting optimal human health. It works as a good supplemental treatment to current medical practices especially when modern medicine can’t totally alleviate human suffering and ailments despite the many scientific advancements we have today. Many people swear by it and it is enough for some to get by in their day-to-day when stress and pain sometimes get the better of them.