Reflexology And Its Health Benefits

What used to be an ancient Chinese alternative practice is now gaining traction in Western medicine as an alternative treatment for different ailments. Reflexology is a type of treatment that focuses on the feet but the hands and the ears can also be the focus of treatment depending on the need for it. Many people are liking the holistic approach to wellness offered by reflexology especially that it has proven to be effective in relieving various pains and aches and stress.

In this practice, it is believed that specific points on the hands and feet correspond to specific body parts like major organs and systems and is connected by nerve endings. By applying gentle pressure on it, it triggers healing and allows you to achieve internal balance by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. After all, the Chinese have mainly used it before to help them channel life force that flows through energy channels and it was known to help in the treatment of different illnesses. It has now proven to come in handy as a complementary treatment alongside most traditional medical practices since it promotes good health from head to foot.

Once you have made the decision to give reflexology a try, there are certain things you need to be wary of before you take your first session. There are contraindications like a vascular disease that resulted in a blood clot somewhere, any break in the skin in the hands and feet, or a pregnancy is also another reason why one can’t go through with a reflexology session but there are those who still go through with it. If there are risks involved, one will be asked to sign a waiver prior to going ahead with the treatment. On the day of your treatment, the practitioner will ask you a series of questions to determine your health history and any other health condition you may have to find out whether it’s okay to go ahead with the procedure or to find out which reflex point to focus the most to provide relief for your ailment.

For the next 30 minutes to one hour, you can sit or recline on a couch as the practitioner gently massages specific parts of your feet. You’ll feel a calming sensation rather than pain during this time. You may need to undergo 5 to 6 sessions for you to get well from a certain condition or at least improve your symptoms. Aside from bringing about internal balance, reflexology can likewise help reduce stress, anxiety, asthma, urinary problems, headache, GI problems, PMS symptoms and menopause, and even more deadly ailments like cancer. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, reflexology can bring you back to life and leave you feeling energized.

Like with any other forms of alternative medicine, you should choose whom you go to for reflexology. Chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists know have to give foot massage but we all know there is a slight twist to reflexology. There are certain points that need to be manipulated that require special training and certification before one can fully practice and offer this service.

It is all about bringing a balance of the positive and the negative life force in the body. Only then can real homeostasis or balance be achieved and the body is able to heal itself on its own, with little to no outside help from modern science.

For those who have been on the verge of hopelessness because they still have not found the cure they are waiting for, reflexology may offer help when modern medicine isn’t always able to restore your health into its 100% state. It has worked for centuries and there is no reason for you not to benefit from it as well as long as you ask for your doctor’s permission and there’s no contraindication for this particular treatment. Reflexology will gently nurse you back to health until your body can very well take care of its own again.