The Pros Of Reflexology

If you often indulge yourself in self-relaxing activities, chances are you have already stumbled upon reflexology. It may sound a little technical but this ancient form of alternative treatment is actually similar to a foot massage. It has a major difference, though. Were foot massage is simply applying pressure to one’s feet for the purpose of relieving tension and relaxing the muscles, there is a science involved in reflexology.

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Reflexology has been practiced for centuries and has originated in China as its practice is influenced by life energy. Reflexologists believe that the body is full of “qi” or life energy that flows throughout the human body. When there is an imbalance or a blockage that prevents free-flowing of this life energy, pain may be felt or worse a person can get sick if the blockage is not removed according to this practice. In Western medicine, it still not a widely accepted practice but there is a growing number of practitioners providing this treatment as well as a growing number of believers who think highly of reflexology because they have experienced its many benefits for themselves.

Reflexology: A Holistic Therapy

Reflexologists believe that by applying gentle pressures on the innervation of the hands and feet, it can get rid of pain and sickness as there are specific points known as “reflex points” that corresponds to the various body organs and systems in the body. It is essentially a mix of “acupressure”, massage, and energy work that works by releasing built-up tension in the body, bringing about internal balance, and getting rid of deadly toxins. The balance of the life energy equates to a healthy body. It is also otherwise called as “Zone Therapy”. Hence, reflexology is a great way to help people deal with the daily stresses of modern life and restore the balance in the body to prevent pains and ailments.

Reflexology enables the body to heal itself on its own. Through the nerve endings found on the hands and feet that connect to the different parts of the body, the pressure applied on it can trigger a positive reaction to the desired organ or system that is causing you problems at the moment.

How does Reflexology work?

There is a “feet map” used by reflexologists that serve as a guide when doing reflexology treatments. The feet are like a map with labels as to which body organ that specific part of the feet corresponds to. Each food has 5 longitudinal zones and it shows exactly how you can manipulate these organs in a non-invasive way. Reflexologists are able to target a certain body part by focusing on a specific part of the feet that correspond to that ailment.

Its benefits include:

  • Stress and tension relief
  • Promotes relaxation and restful sleep
  • Recharges the body and boosts energy
  • Calms and promotes a positive well-being
  • Clears blockages on energy paths

While reflexology may be helpful as a complementary management to various diseases and ailments, it is not a cure in itself. This practice believes that it is able to help the body heal itself, so don’t expect the reflexologist to make a diagnosis, treat you, or give sound medical advice. Moreover, do not abandon a conventional medical treatment in favor of reflexology because it can prove catastrophic to your health and life especially if you have a grave medical condition. Reflexology only promotes self-healing by attaining balance in one’s body. If you have existing medical conditions, see your primary care provider first to confirm that reflexology can benefit your health and well-being.

Once you are good to go, schedule a reflexology session and enjoy the healing and relaxing properties it offers. The relaxing sensation of this pseudo foot massage can make you feel light and relaxed because your circulation gradually improves and your body is able to achieve a sense of balance that promotes good health, which is the aim of this treatment.